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Hello! 👋 I'm Karim the


Designed + scaled various apps & websites including,, & Engineered viral growth loops leading to millions of impressions and ~$10 million pre-seed valuation.

UI / UX + Growth Hacking | VC Fundraising


Human interaction + human factors design in autonomous driving & sustainable futures. UI / UX design, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, human interaction + material and softgoods design.

Biodesign | AR / VR / XR | UI / UX | AI

| User Research | Branding | Human Interaction


Engineered, designed & built a crowed sourced safety lamp that guides pedestrians by illuminating the streets that are populated by the most community members.

Design Engineering | Metal | CAD | Render |

Glass + Acrylic | Automation | Lighting


Designed, prototyped, researched and field tested various wearable technologies that attempt to limit overstimulation to light for patients struggling with the lasting effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Design Engineering + Research | CAD | Metal | Textiles | Project Management | Health


Dynamo The Children's Travel Buddy

Created a children's roleplaying suitcase designed to teach 3 - 6 year olds to travel with luggage. Doubles as a functioning suitcase with interactive elements to keep children entertained on the go.

Toy Design | Design Research | 3D printing + CAD | Plastics | Material Design + Colors


Pocket Pet Health Monitor

Designed and built Pocket Pet, a gamified approach to health monitoring for all ages + designed the Pocket Pet companion app for user stats + insights, and parental tracking.

Toy Design | Plush + Textiles + Fabrics | UI / UX Design + Research | Material Design | Health


Designed, branded and rendered a reimagining of the office desk phone, a device that has not been challenged or significatly innovated on in recent years.

Design Engineering | Rendering | UI / UX |

| User Research | Branding | Human Interaction



newton logo.png

Disassembly and analysis of choice technology + design of poster through various lenses. I chose the 1993 Apple Newton due to its impact.

Manufacturing | Research | Graphic Design | Exhibition | Communication


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