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Augmented reality heads up display

bio-inspired technologies for a sustainable future

in autonomous vehicles

625ee21a014bbde03bab4c72_Gravity Sketch.png

Brainstorming + Ideation

Quick 2D sketches help conceptualize and contextualize the overarching design

User research + use case study

Through user research I am able to pinpoint specific behaviors to orient features and use cases around

*protected under NDA with Kia & HMU

Artboard – 1_edited.jpg

Prototyping AR interfaces in VR

By utilizing VR spaces, I am able to contextualize, demonstrate and test AR interfaces and scenarios 

Artificial Intelligence & AR

Today's vehicles feature advanced human driver assistance technology. Level 5 autonomous vehicles of tomorrow require little to no human input.

Ergonomics in open space UI/UX

Level 5 fully autonomous vehicles will be used more like moving living spaces or living rooms. With this shift comes a reimagining of interactions and interfaces. (ex. notice how the "augmented reality" TV screen in this demo tracks the users line of sight).

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