This project was a part of the research I conducted during my Masters at Brown University in collaboration with Hyundai, and ultimatly led to my full-time employment at the Hyundai / KIA HQ in Seoul, Korea. The specific contents and concepts explored in my research are protected under an NDA, and therefore cannot be shared publicly


Augmented reality heads up display

Bio-inspired technologies for a sustainable future
in autonomous vehicles

Brainstorming + Ideation

Quick 2D sketches help conceptualize and contextualize the overarching design

User Research +
use case study

Through user research I am able to pinpoint specific behaviors to orient features and use cases around

Prototyping AR
interfaces in VR

By utilizing VR spaces, I am able to contextualize, demonstrate and test AR interfaces and scenarios 

Artificial Inteligence & AR

Today's vehicles feature advanced human driver assistance technology. Level 5 autonomous vehicles of tomorrow require little to no human input.

Ergonomics in open space UI/UX

Level 5 fully autonomous vehicles will be used more like moving living spaces or living rooms. With this shift comes a reimagining of interactions and interfaces. (ex. notice how the "augmented reality" TV screen in this demo tracks the users line of sight).